Thursday, March 29, 2012

New story

I traveled to Boston last weekend to see the Syracuse Orange play in the NCAA tournament, and while I was disappointed that Syracuse didn't advance to the final four, I was able to utilize the four hour round trip plane rides to complete the first draft of my new horror short story, tentatively entitled, "Unsafe."

"Unsafe" is a story about a terrorized child who both endures an abusive home life and is the victim of a malevolent haunting by a demonic presence that feeds on the negative energy in the household.

Next step will be to edit the story to bring it up to publication quality before sending it out to prospective horror markets.  Stay tuned for more info!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Writes

Kudos to my Dark Moon Digest colleagues Stan Swanson, Rachel Lee, and Araminta Starr Matthews on the publication of their interesting take on how to write horror fiction:  Write of the Living Dead: A Guide for Your Dark Side.

This book is presented from a truly unique set of perspectives--I can't say any more without ruining the surprise!  Here's a description:

Write of the Living Dead
by Araminta Star Matthews, Rachel Lee and Stan Swanson
Two redhead educators and a horror publisher walk into a bar . . . during a zombie apocalypse. Armed with only their wits and a fully-charged-laptop battery, they hammered out the world's darkest writing manual amidst the flurry and chaos of gnashing teeth and rotting cadavers. Each chapter of the handbook is devoted to a different genre of writing--everything from academic writing (complete with MLA and APA sample essays), business writing, and even poetry and fiction--all of it with a dark and undead twist. Developing or improving your writing skills has never been so enjoyable. WRITE OF THE LIVING DEAD is the spawn of two scholarly writers and a publisher conspiring to create a freshly dug look at writing for different genres and media. Spattered with popular horror culture and written with horror enthusiasts in mind, this book raises the struggling writing handbook from the dead. Addressing methods of voice, style, function, and formula, WRITE OF THE LIVING DEAD is the perfect tool for students, writers, poets, authors, business writers, and teachers with a dark side.

I'm pleased to announce that I was a contributing editor on this manuscript--the first book I've ever "professionally" edited.

Check it out here.