Coming Attractions

I've recently completed the following short stories, which have been submitted for publication in various anthologies / prospective publication venues.  Stay tuned for updates about where they land!

"Adrift"  A helpless man is forced to jump overboard while deep at sea

"Baby Blues"  A small time criminal is forced to give his infant daughter up for adoption after being sent to prison

"Food For Worms"  Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets the Andy Griffith Show

"Affairs In Order"  A character driven tale that puts a technological spin on what causes the zombie apocalypse

"The Wind"  Jewelry thieves stranded in a rural hunting cabin during a winter storm face starvation and an encounter with a mythical wendigo 

"Six"  A psychologically disturbed soldier suffering from acute PTSD temporarily returns from war to attend his father's funeral

"Incident Zero"  A torn from the headlines thriller about a Miami police officer having a bad day

"Still Born"  A pregnant woman discovers that her unborn baby has died in utero...or has it?

"Lost Luggage"  A woman on a trans-Pacific flight wither her family awakens to discover that her son is no longer on the plane

"Preacher"  A character driven western / speculative fiction / horror mash-up

"8-Ball"  A single mother undergoing chemotherapy struggles with her mortality while coping with cancer, financial difficulties, and her children