Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ho Ho...Horror?

Readers, I'm pleased to announce that my short story, Slay Bells, has been accepted for inclusion in You'd Better Watch Out!, a holiday-themed anthology that will be commercially available later this year.

Given that Christmas and horror normally don't mix, this collection is bound to carve out an interesting niche and spread plenty of holiday, cheer!

The anthology should be available prior to the holidays, so stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dark Eclipse issue #17 out, featuring my short story "Beimini"

Dark Eclipse #17 - The Dark Moon Digest e-MonthlyI've been on a roll scoring some publications late in 2012, and I'm pleased to report that the my short story, Beimini, is being featured in this month's installment of Dark Eclipse!  The cover of the issue my story appears in is attached to the right.

Beimini is a alternate history retelling of the Ponce de Leon legend.

Dark Eclipse is available via [click HERE to purchase issue #17].

This is a great horror magazine with outstanding quality, so check it out!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dark Side of the Womb is available on Amazon

The Dark Side of the WombThe horror anthology, Dark Side of the Womb, published by Cruentus Libri [UK] is available on!

 Dark Side of the Womb features my short story, "Unsafe."

Always nice to get top billing in the book description:

"The Dark Side of the Womb contains stories from the world's finest horror authors, including Ryan Neil Falcone, S.C. Hayden, Ken Goldman, Joseph A. Pinto, Cecilia Dockins, Philip M. Roberts, Christos Callow Jr., Nathan Robinson, Kevin G. Bufton, David Edward Nell, Stephen McQuiggan, Wol-vriey, Michael Wolf, T. Fox Dunham, Lyle Enright and Malon Edwards."

Click here to purchase the Kindle version.

Click here to purchase the paperback version.