Friday, May 22, 2015

On a roll!

Anyone who's ever attempted the arduous process of trying to get something they've written published understands what a time consuming, tedious, fraught with rejection process it can be.

For those of you who aren't familiar, imagine all of the creative and editorial effort that goes into writing something that you work on until you get it just right, and then spending time researching markets that are a good fit for your work, and then sending it out and having to wait weeks [or months] for a response.  Regardless of quality, the vast majority of responses will invariably be rejections -- and once you get a rejection, you have to go back to the beginning of the process and start the entire cycle over again.

So with that backdrop in mind, I'm pleased to pass along that I'm three-for-three this week in terms of hearing back from prospective publishers!

My story, "Still Born," will appear in this summer's edition of Told in the Dark, published by 9Tales. I'll pass along more information about how to obtain a copy closer to the publication date.

Given how frustrating--and SLOW--it often is trying to get your work into print as described above, it is a gratifying turn of events to have a week like this, and have three original stories accepted by paying markets.  Nice way to kick of a holiday weekend!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Hot Streak Continues!

Double Boom!!

I just got notification that my story, "Irreconcilable Differences," has  been selected to appear in the August 2015 issue of Literary Hatchet, a journal dedicated to dark fiction that is published by Pear Tree Press.

This is a short story that I've had on the back burner for quite some time.  I plucked it out of moth balls a few weeks ago, and revamped the story significantly before sending it out for prospective publication.  I'm pleased that it found a home with LH--a journal that I enjoy reading.

I'll keep readers posted about the journal's availability closer to the publication date, but in the meantime--here are a few very cool cover designs from past issues of Literary Hatchet, submitted for your enjoyment!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Readers, I'm pleased to announce that my short story, "Ride Like the Wind," has been accepted to appear in an upcoming issue of Stupefying Stories, published by Rampant Loon Media.

This publication is particularly exciting for me [1] because I love this story, and [2] because Stupefying Stories is published / edited by one of my all time favorite authors, the iconic Bruce Bethke.

This is my top publication credit to date--and a great "home" for this particular story.  I'd personally like to thank both Mr. Bethke and the folks from Stupefying Stories for their consideration of this manuscript.

I've got lots of other stories out there in the publication queue, so stay tuned for future updates!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy spring!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted a blog update, largely because I didn’t have any news to report.  Following the birth of our second daughter last summer, I took a bit of an extended hiatus from writing.  Between that and a career change, I simply didn’t have the capacity to devote the required time, effort, attention, and creativity needed to write.

But the ember burned the entire time, even when I wasn’t actively writing.  So I’m pleased to report that I’ve been back at it for the past several weeks—working both on new projects, and also revising several previously completed [but unpublished] stories.

I’m also excited to report that I’ve recently put the finishing touches on a collaborative project co-authored with my friend, and fellow author, Sean Wark.  We spent more than three years on this novelette, from conception through idea generation, and later writing / editing.  I’m VERY excited about this manuscript's potential, and where it might get placed!

The next step is to get some stories submitted for publication.  I’m ready to pull the pin on the grenade, lob a few stories out there, and see what happens.