Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stephen King's Best Books: #5 -- Wizard and Glass: Dark Tower Book IV

#5     Wizard and Glass

We've reached the halfway point of the countdown, and today's installment begins a run of Stephen King books that don't really fit into the horror genre.

King himself considers his seven-part Dark Tower saga to be his "magnum opus," and many fans consider the fourth book, Wizard and Glass, to be the pinnacle of the series.  Best described as an epic fantasy novel, Wizard and Glass picks up the tale where the third book [The Waste Lands] left off--with gunslinger Roland and his Ka-Tet competing in a deadly contest against the robotic Blaine the Mono, with the prize being their lives.

But the best part of the fourth Dark Tower book is the story within the story, as the Gunslinger spends more than half of the book vividly recounting what happened after he won his guns in a test of manhood.  The result is a tragic love story that chronicles the events that led to the fall of Gilead, explaining the circumstances that set Roland on his lonely quest for the Tower.

Wizard and Glass

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