Monday, December 2, 2013

Just in time for the holidays--Miseria's Chorale is now available on

Miseria's ChoralePublished by Forgotten Tombs Press, this collection includes my short story, The Wind, and features an outstanding lineup of authors!

The Wind is a story about jewelry thieves who get stranded in a rural hunting cabin during a winter storm, facing starvation and an encounter with a mythical wendigo.

On a personal note, I've been eagerly looking forward to this anthology's publication for several months--the story titles comprising the table of contents sound really intriguing!

For more information, check out the anthology's Facebook page.

Here is the book's description from Amazon:

Miseria's Chorale gathers together award winners, bestsellers, veterans and exciting new stars in one mammoth anthology that represents a broad definition of horror, taking readers on a journey to unspeakable realms and nightmarish self-discovery.  With stories from 48 of the world's most frightening and unique voices in modern horror, including Aaron J French, Adam Millard, Alana I Capria, Alexandre Mandarino, Anna Taborska, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Bear Weiter, Bruce Memblatt, BT Joy, Cameron Suey, Caren Gussoff, Carmen Tudor, Carl Barker, Christian A Larsen, Christina Murphy, Christopher David Rosales, Christopher Hivner, Christopher Nadeau, Douglas J Ogurek, Dy Loveday, Fred Skolnik, Glen Damien Campbell, Jay Wilburn, James S Dorr, Jon Ingold, Jon Michael Kelley, K Trap Jones, Ken Goldman, Lance Manion, Lucy Taylor, Meghan Arcuri, Michael Thomas-knight, Nick Kimbro, Patrick Lacey, Patrick Tumblety, Paul Kane, Pete Aldin, Peter Baltensperger, Peter Crowther, Peter Mark May, Richard Farren Barber, Richard Godwin, RWW Greene, Ryan Neil Falcone, Sergio Palumbo, Shaun Meeks, Tim Jeffreys, and Todd Keisling. Edited by David Edward Nell. 

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