Friday, April 22, 2016

Belated follow up on Lost Luggage


Just a quick note to inform that my short story, Lost Luggage, was published as the feature story of February 2016 by Anotherealm -- a publication that focuses on speculative fiction in the horror, sci fi, and fantasy genres.

Being published by Anotherealm is a prestigious honor, as only one story is selected to be published every month.  I'm quite pleased that this quirky story found a home at such a perfect match of a publication venue.

Here's what the Anotherealm editors had to say about my short story:

I don't fly any more. I flew a lot when I was younger and was terrified each time. A white-knuckle passenger, I several times shuddered my way through a flight from Kennedy to Dhahran (13 hours non-stop). That one is no longer flown, but that's why this story struck me as horrifying. It's a dark, modern nightmare to warm you these cold February nights. No. Don't thank me. Instead drop a comment on our BBS. -GM 

Click here to check it out!

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