Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dual score: Two short stories to be published in the Nov / Dec issues of Dark Eclipse

I'm pleased to report that I've just been informed that TWO of my original short stories have been selected to appear in upcoming editions of Dark Eclipse, the monthly e-zine published by Dark Moon Books!

"Beimini" -- an alternate history fountain of youth / Ponce de Leon mashup -- will be published in the November edition of Dark Eclipse.

"I Walk, Therefore I Am" --  a story about an amnesic man who awakens to discover that he's the walking dead...but in full possession of his mental faculties -- will appear in Dark Eclipse's December edition, which in honor of the Mayan calendar will feature stories depicting end of the world / cataclysmic themes.

Cover art for recent issues of Dark Eclipse are shown below.  The e-zine can be ordered at the Dark Eclipse website.


I've had a big week in terms of publication acceptances, so look for more updates soon...

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